Dr Rebecca Coleman, Registered Psychologist, South Australia

I use the CAPP with every family I consult with. It is a great tool for the solo practitioner because it is easy to administer, quick to score and easy to interpret and feed back to parents and teachers. I have found it particularly useful for children and adolescents referred through Medicare Better Access to Psychological Services as it provides information which may have otherwise been difficult to gather within the limited session model of psychological services. I love it!

Dr Michelle Andrews, Educational and Developmental Psychologist,
The Educational Psychology Centre, Victoria, Australia

The Child and Adolescent PsychProfiler (CAPP) is an excellent screening instrument. I ask all clients to complete the CAPP prior to their first appointment. It allows me to quickly acquire the information I need to address the educational, behavioural, and developmental needs of each client. I recommend the CAPP to psychologists and other mental health professionals working with children and adolescents

Jeannene Chapman, Registered Psychologist, Sydney

I love it! I deal with adults, mostly in an EAP capacity in large organisations, so get the full spectrum of disorders and mental illness. I find the APP invaluable in early assessment, particularly where there might be comorbidity. My clients find it non-threatening and it enables them to be engaged with me early in their care plan and in the process of understanding and managing their difficulties. I find it doesn’t present equity issues and fear that can arise from psychometric testing. The APP is a great tool to articulate from, should the client require further testing. Its easy portability for on-site work with clients is also a major plus and the time-efficiency of this instrument is another feature. It is invaluable in my practice. No wonder the APP is destined for greater things