Frequently asked questions

  • How to purchase the psychprofiler?
    Details on how to purchase the psychprofiler can be found here.
  • Who can I approach for software support?
    If you wish to obtain support on the psychprofiler V5.0 or psychprofiler V4.0 then please use "Contact the psychprofiler", or email with your query. We will endeavour to reply to you within 48 hours.
  • What is the latest version of psychprofiler?
    The latest version is psychprofiler v5.0, which has been updated to reflect the DSM-5.
  • Are there scoring services available for psychprofiler?
    For large numbers of administrations, the paper forms can be mailed to SAVANT Surveys & Strategies( This social research company will scan the forms, generate the reports and return to the health professional within 5 working days.
  • Does the psychprofiler work on a Mac?
    The web versions of psychprofiler for DSM-IV-TR and DSM-5 will run on mainstream web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.) running on mainstream operating systems. The older psychprofiler V4.0 is a Windows application installed locally on a computer. For a Mac computer you will need to use a Windows emulator. The psychprofiler V4.0 client does relatively straight forward computations and disk read and write operations, so most emulators should work.
  • Will the psychprofiler support languages other than English?
    There are four components to consider alternate languages:
    • website (this website)
    • The psychprofiler assessment pages
    • The questions asked to the person completing the assessment
    • The assessment report
    Not all of these have the same priority for translation. For example a patient may have a primary language of Spanish, and is being treated by an English speaking psychologist. In this circumstance only the questions for the assessment need to be translated. You will be able to observe a "Select Question Language" option when completing an assessment. Although there is currently only a single choice of English, other alternatives can be created and installed relatively quickly. The capability also exists for multiple levels of reading age for the questions, or for regional based questions (e.g. biscuits in one region may be better referred to as cookies in another region). The psychprofiler team will provide language translations when the business case exists to justify the translations. Note that we cannot use an automated translation tool. The translations must be formally completed and accurate, otherwise the validity of the assessment would be compromised. Should you be interested in alternate languages or question variations for regions for the
    psychprofiler please use “ Contact the psychprofiler” , or email with your query.